Monday, 22 September 2014

We're Back!

Hello internet world! Emma here. I am pleased to announce that after a summer-long blogging hiatus, Alisha and I are once again gearing up to debunk all the myths of the nutrition world. Yup. All of them. We're only slightly ambitious.

But before we take over save the world, I have a few non-nutritional musings of my own.

As many of you know, my own interest in nutrition began when I realized that food could be used for healing. Having spent most of my childhood and teenage years viewing food as an adversary to be vanquished, I was astounded to find that food could actually be friendly.

I love the science behind food, but what really makes my heart sing is helping people develop healthy relationships with food and with their bodies. So many of us view our bodies as projects to be worked on, and food as tools to get the job done. True, we should take care of ourselves and be mindful of the fuel we take in—but we must also have realistic expectations of ourselves.

Do you love ice cream? Chocolate? Warm plates of nachos with delicious melty cheese? Me too. And guess what? I'm not going to avoid these wonderful things simply because some magazine or TV personality tells me that these are "bad". There are no bad foods. There are foods that are less nutrient dense, and these should be enjoyed in moderation. So enjoy them, without guilt or regret.

A healthy lifestyle is more complex than simply eating a certain amount of calories each day, or a certain number of foods from the food guide. It's about variety in both nutrition and activity.

I'm rambling hereI do apologize! I'll finish this off with a challenge for all you excellent readers.

I challenge you to try both a new food and a new activity at some point this week. 

For those of you who live in Vancouver, I can proudly say that I rollerbladed the seawall a few nights ago and didn't fall down once! I hadn't rollerbladed in about four years, so this is quite the achievement.

Seawall at sunset!

Let us know how your challenge goes by leaving a comment! Also, hilarious rollerblading stories are highly encouraged.

Welcome back to the blog everyone!

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