Sunday, 26 January 2014

Welcome to our Nutrition Blog!

Hi everyone! 

Alisha and Emma here, commending you on your excellent decision to check out our very first blog post here on Green Eggs and Spam. Well done. We promise you the contents of this blog will make your brains burst with knowledge and your stomach rumble with hunger. Huzzah! 

Here's a bit about us: we are two really, really nerdy nutrition students. So nerdy, in fact, that in our spare time we like to read nutrition-focused research papers. And analyze food labels. And debate the latest diet trends. And then after all this general nerdiness has been accomplished, we like to tell people all about it. 

Hence, the blog.
Our vehicle for our thoughts, ideas, opinions, and food-creations. A tool with which to combat all the nutrition related "internet wisdom". We don't pretend to know it all. However, we are absolutely committed to credible research and sources, and won't post anything that isn't backed by solid science and/or journalism. We'll even test all the recipes first, although it's not our fault if you accidentally substitute salt for sugar. (It happens.)

About Alisha:

Alisha currently lives in London, ON and studies Nutrition and Dietetics at Western University. This is her wait third, degree (Gotta catch 'em all)! She has an honours degree in biology and is qualified to teach high school science, but would rather just talk to all you lovely people about food.

Alisha often finds herself turning baked goods into healthier varieties, because it's just like studying for that upcoming nutrition exam, no?

Her main interests lie in scientifically based nutrition related aspects - give her a paper on a recent nutrition study and she's all over it! 

About Emma:

Though she met Alisha while studying at Western University in London ON, Emma currently lives in Vancouver, BC. It just doesn't rain enough in Ontario, y'know?

While studying Food, Nutrition and Health at UBC, Emma often finds herself distracted by bicycle paths, microbreweries, and puddles. Since moving to Vancouver, her consumption of hippie-food has increased by approximately 300%.

Her main interests lie in the social aspects of food and nutrition - if you ever want a 3 hour conversation about food security, nutritional literacy, or local food movements, Emma's the one to talk to. And she'll always talk, because she always has an opinion. Always.

So this is us, and this is our blog. Watch for a new post every week!

And if you weren't absolutely charmed by this first post, look at it this way - if you don't stay posted, how will you ever find out how many terrible names we came up with before we settled on "Green Eggs and Spam"? Yup. We somehow managed to generate quite the list of terrible names. No judging. 

Stay tuned for our next post, where Alisha talks about something awesome and science-y. Cheers!

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  1. I can vouch for their cooking, and Emma's opinions.